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An official source in Al-Ahly club confirmed that it had been decided that Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim “Kahraba” would undergo a medical examination on the sidelines of the team’s training today, Sunday, in preparation for the Mahalla spinning match.

Al-Ahly is preparing to meet Ghazl El Mahalla on Monday as part of the 19th round of the Premier League competition.

And a picture of “Kahraba” spread while he was in a hospital, and it was shared by users of various social media sites.

The source said in his statements, Laila Kora, that the team’s medical equipment contacted the player and checked on him and made sure that the matter did not exceed high blood pressure.

The source pointed out that “Kahraba” felt a slight dizziness accompanied by a headache, so he went to a private hospital to check on his condition, and the matter was just an increase in pressure.

He added, “The matter is simple, thank God, Kahraba will undergo a comprehensive medical examination to ensure his health, and based on the results of the examination, his position on the Mahalla match will be determined.”

He concluded, “What happened is something that anyone is exposed to, and God willing, the results of the medical examination will be good and there will be no problems.”


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