Enppi in the face of clearing the league


Enppi team defeated its clearing counterpart, Sunday evening, with two goals without a response, in the framework of the 19th round of the Egyptian We League.

The first goal for Enppi came in the 66th minute by substitute Dino Peter with a missile shot from outside the penalty area.

Karim Tariq scored the second goal for Enppi in the third minute of injury time.

Enppi played a combination of:

Mahmoud Gad, Karim Fouad, Ibrahim Al-Qadi, Rami Sabry, Mustafa Dewidar, Mustafa Shakshak, Ali Fawzi, Rico, Ahmed Al-Agouz, Mustafa Shalaby, John Opoka.

The clearinghouse was formed as follows:

Mahmoud Hamdi, Faris Muhammad, Ahmed Sabiha, Ahmed Modi, Osama al-Azab, Saeed Al-Wansh, Hisham Muhammad, Abdullah Majdi, Taqtq, Imad Fathi, Basem Morsi.

With that result, Enppi raised his score to 27 points in seventh place, while the clearing balance was frozen at 26 in ninth place.


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