Epic Games presents its case against Apple in the antitrust case


Lawyers for the company, Epic Games, which produces the game (Fortnite), have filed an antitrust case against Apple, which makes iPhones, saying that the company has transformed its online store into a “walled garden” surrounded by “noisy flies” with the aim of detaining one billion iPhone users from developers who want access To them, according to CNBC.

The three-week trial in Oakland, California, is the culmination of a lawsuit filed by EPIC last year in the District Court of Northern California.

It revolves around two practices for Apple that have become a cornerstone of its activity, the first of which is the obligation imposed by Apple to distribute all third-party programs for the billion iPhone phones in the world through its online store and to oblige developers to use Apple’s in-app purchase system that charges a 30% commission.

Epic violated Apple’s rules last year when it launched its own in-app payment system in the game (Fortnite) to bypass Apple’s commissions, and in response Apple removed the company from its online store.

Epic has filed a lawsuit against Apple, alleging that the company is misusing its power against app developers with its online store rules and payment obligations that harm competition in the software market, and has launched a fierce advertising campaign to draw attention to its allegations at a time when Apple’s practices are under scrutiny from lawmakers and regulators in the United States and countries. Other.

In opening arguments, attorney Catherine Forrest said that Apple had turned its store into a “walled garden” intended to collect fees from developers who wanted to reach billionaires of iPhone users, and argued that Apple had locked these users into its system with apps such as iMessage, which allows Apple users to send messages to devices. Others, but imposes messaging restrictions for Android phones.


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