Ethiopia continues to be obstinate: the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is in its final stages, and the filling of the dam is in its final stages


12:47 PM

Saturday 01 May 2021

I wrote – Rana Osama:

In continuation of the intransigence and attempt to impose the de facto policy pursued by Addis Ababa in the file of the Renaissance Dam, the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abe reiterated that his country will continue the second filling of the dam next July, declaring that it is “in its final stages.”

Abi Ahmed said in a message of congratulations to Ethiopian Christians on the occasion of Easter or “Easter”, on Saturday: “This year we celebrate Easter in the midst of hope and struggle, looking forward to the renaissance of our country on the one hand, and confronting very seriously to overcome the challenges that await us in front of Ethiopias renaissance on the other hand As reported by the Ethiopian “Fana” radio.

He added in his message entitled (Happy Resurrection): “We are in the final stages of the Renaissance Dam, which we have been eagerly waiting for for years. We are looking forward to the second round of floods next July. The closer we get to hope, the more difficult it becomes, as we struggle with time and circumstances to make a decision.” Successful completion of our dam (the Renaissance Dam). “

The Ethiopian Prime Minister indicated that the upcoming general elections in May and the second filling of the Renaissance Dam in July represent “the cornerstone of the revival of Ethiopia,” according to his Amharic message, which he published on his Facebook page.

Ethiopia insists on the second filling of the dam in the rainy season next July and August, even if it does not reach an agreement with the downstream countries, Egypt and Sudan. On the other hand, Egypt and Sudan adhere to reaching an agreement to ensure the continuation of their annual share of the Nile water flow.

Egypt is intensifying its efforts to confront this, stressing on more than one occasion that it “will not give up any drop of water from Egypt’s share of the Nile water,” according to Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly.

A few days ago, Sameh Shoukry, Minister of Foreign Affairs, confirmed, in a meeting of the Foreign, Arab and African Affairs Committee of the Senate, that the Renaissance Dam crisis is facing intransigence on the part of the Ethiopian side, which has refused some mediation to solve the decade-long crisis.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi recently warned of “unimaginable instability” that the region may face due to the Ethiopian dam, saying that “no one will be allowed to take a single drop of Egypt’s water.”

President El-Sisi said that it is better not to reach the stage of compromising a water point from Egypt because “all options are open,” stressing that “cooperation and agreement are much better than anything else.”

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