Ethiopian Prime Minister: We will build more than 100 dams during the next fiscal year


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The Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed continued his attempts to escape from the internal crises that Ethiopia is currently facing by trying to launch new statements to occupy the Ethiopian domestic opinion, revealing that Ethiopia will build more than 100 small and medium dams in different regional regions in Ethiopia in the next fiscal year.

The official Ethiopian News Agency quoted Abiy Ahmed as saying in his speech at the launch ceremony of the first phase of the 60-km Adama-Awash highway, which aims to enhance social and economic integration with Djibouti, and the areas adjacent to Adama city, and said: It is the only way to resist any opposition forces. for Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Prime Minister indicated that more than 100 small and medium-sized dams will be built in different regions by the next Ethiopian budget year, which will have an effective role in agricultural production, which ranges to three times a year with the aim of ensuring food security. All segments of society should join hands to achieve such critical ambitions and other development programs.

With regard to Ethiopias relationship with the rest of the world, Abiy Ahmed stressed that diplomacy is a manifestation of Ethiopia because it is one of the founding members of the Organization of African Unity and the United Nations, noting that the voices recently heard against Ethiopia are not based on realistic facts and aim to undermine long-standing diplomatic relations. For Ethiopia on the world stage, no matter what.

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