“Every little bit I want money” … a worker who ends his wife’s life by slaughtering them before breakfast (full story)


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Today, Friday, the South Giza Prosecution investigation revealed new details of the finding of the body of a housewife slaughtered in her apartment in the Al-Bakary facility.

Investigations under the supervision of Counselor Yahya Al-Zaraa, the Public Prosecutor, stated that the husband was “Sabri. Q », 36 years old, was behind the commission of the crime.

Investigations reported that a quarrel broke out between the spouses over household expenses, during which the husband took out a knife and slaughtered his wife in the kitchen prior to breakfast, last Thursday.

The accused admitted, before the prosecution, that his wife had a quarrel with him over the expenses, so he told her: “Every little bit I want money.”

The accused, tried to disavow the crime, and said that his wife had diabetes, and that he was asleep and woke up from his sleep, and he found his wife had thrown glass in her neck.

The investigations revealed that the victim had been married for several years, to a worker 3 years older than her, and they have 4 children. The body of the victim was found with a cut wound in the neck and lower jaw, after it fell on a piece of glass.

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