Extending the life of the mobile phone battery .. Important tips, know and follow to maintain it


Continuous use of the mobile phone battery leads to weakness in it after a while, especially if your phone works for long hours to play, browse the Internet and follow many different applications, and it is one of the things that sometimes affect it, and it is a main reason behind making the battery affected abnormally, It is one of the things that compels you to change your habits in order to know the best advice to help extend and maintain its life.

Prevent the use of the power bank to preserve the battery of your mobile phone and extend its life

The Android Technical Authority has confirmed that all people use the mobile phone on a daily basis, and some wrong habits are practiced that greatly affect the life of the battery negatively, and one of the things that appear most frequently is battery leakage, so that the battery Your mobile phone And prolonging its life, you should follow the following tips:

  • The necessity to completely avoid using the power bank because it reduces the life of your mobile phone’s battery, and greatly affects it when used all the time, as it destroys it quickly.

Value Power Bank (Cell Phone Charger) (RTS4662)

  • And using an unoriginal charger that does not fit with your mobile phone will accelerate battery damage, cause battery leakage and run out in a few hours, and affect it significantly.

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  • And using the fast charger is one of the things that damage the battery and reduce its life time, and it is one of the things that damage your phone.

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  • And using a non-original charger or leaving the phone in the charger for a long time leads to overheating of the battery and the charger, and this results in an explosion of the charger or a problem with the current that leads to the explosion of the battery.

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  • Charging the battery to 100% is one of the things that leads to weak battery, short life and damage after a short period.

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