Eyes removed from some patients with Coronavirus in India for this reason!


Due to the implementation of some treatment methods and protocols applied to “Covid 19” patients inIndiaMedical reports announced the spread of a very dangerous diseaseBlack fungusIt is a rare but serious fungal infection that affects the nose, eyes, lungs as well, and sometimes the brain, causing patients to lose their eyes, and it can threaten the lives of people with diabetes or those with severe immunodeficiency, such as cancer patients or people with HIV (AIDS).
The British network, “BBC”, quoted testimonies made by doctors in the Indian health sectors in which they confirmed that they had carried out operationsOphthalmic removalSome have recovered fromCorona VirusNewcomer due to the emergence of black fungus disease in their bodies to save their lives.
Usually, doctors insert a tube into the patient’s nose and remove the infected tissue with black fungi.
Some doctors have linked black fungus to the use of some drugs that contain a stimulant component, which is steroids, to treat people with Corona virus, which help stop some of the damage that can occur when the Corona virus overcomes the immune system in the body. But it raises blood sugar levels and also reduces the actual immunity that can lead to these conditions of mucosal disease or black fungi and help them spread.
According to the sources, because of the treatment protocols, doctors had to remove the eyes of 11 patients, out of 40, who were suffering from diabetes after recovering from “Covid 19” at home.

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