Failure of lung function and bacterial infection..the artist’s health status developments


08:13 PM

Wednesday 05 May 2021

Books – Hani Saber:
Adham, the son of the Iraqi actress Nadia, revealed the developments in her health after she was transferred to intensive care after being infected with the Corona virus, and also the developments of the health status of his family.
Adham wrote, through his Facebook account: “I don’t know how to respond to all people … Praise be to God, my parents, my sisters are improving and their condition is stable.”
He added, “Unfortunately, my mother is in intensive care, her condition is very critical (failure of lung function, bacterial infection, and a decrease in the percentage of oxygen from 60% ؜ – 50% ؜) … I need your prayers very much … Praise be to God for everything..Do not be despondent of the mercy of God.” .
And the Iraqi actress Nadia, whose real name is “Faten Fathy”, recently revealed that she was infected with the Corona virus, and on her Facebook page, she wrote: “Corona attacked our house, our Lord did not tell it … An accident and I broke up, what Corona caused to tell me what to do, and are there doctors who come to the house who do blood tests … Your calls and they took care of the issue is dangerous. “
Nadia had recently undergone surgery in her right eye, after she had a hemorrhage.
Nadia Al-Iraqi recently participated in the series “Best Father”, starring Ali Rabie.


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