Faraj Amer: Greisha gave the 2014 Cup to Zamalek


Faraj Amer, Chairman of Smouha Club, confirmed that the international referee, Jihad Greisha, gifted Zamalek the 2014 Egyptian Cup, indicating that Smouha played against Al-Ittihad Al-Iskandari relaxed after winning against Al-Ahly.

Jihad Greisha had sparked a great controversy because of his decisions in the last match between Zamalek and Pyramids, which ended in a 1-1 draw.

Smouha lost the Egypt Cup to Zamalek, the 2014 edition.

Faraj Amer said during statements to Youth and Sports Radio, “Of course, what happened to Smouha cannot be forgotten. She lost two Egyptian Cup championships due to apparent arbitration errors.”

And he continued, “I always say, whoever compliments you today, will come someday to compliment your competitor.”

And he continued, “In 2014, Jihad Greisha gifted the Egypt Cup to Zamalek, it is an international referee and I respect it strongly, but this is what happened, and therefore even if Zamalek did not oppress the Pyramids, there will always be a feeling that Zamalek was injustice, doubt will always appear, because he complimented them before.”

He added, “The incident was evident in the 2014 Cup final, Zamalek striker Ahmed Ali then hit Tariq Hamed, the midfielder of Smouha, and the referee expelled our player Tariq Hamed and Zamalek won in the end, taking advantage of the numerical shortage.”

And he continued, “What happened against Al-Ittihad of Alexandria was due to the team’s mistakes. We played the match relaxed after winning over Al-Ahly, the African and third-world champion, and football did not recognize these matters. We were two goals behind and after that we succeeded in compensation, and then the changes were for insurance.”

Smouha had tied 2-2 against Al-Ittihad of Alexandria after its victory against Al-Ahly 2-1 in the league competition.

“It is difficult to play league matches without international players,” he concluded. “I do not have many players on the list after the departure of some players and long injuries. It is difficult for us.”


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