Farouk Jaafar, head of the technical committee in Zamalek, and Imad Abdel Aziz, supervisor of the ball


Farouk Jaafar, the former star of Zamalek, confirmed that the committee that currently manages the White Castle, headed by Counselor Emad Abdel Aziz, assigned him to head the technical committee for the football sectors of the club and responsible for everything related to the first football team, provided that Counselor Imad Abdel Aziz takes over the task of supervising the ball.

During his statements to the Zamalek channel with the media, Muhammad Abu Al-Ela, Jaafar explained that the Zamalek technical committee is working at the present time to impose a state of stability within the team, and restore the confidence of the players.

Jaafar said: “No one will fear for the club other than the club’s children. People in the committee are running from fire in order to achieve stability, and they are present on a daily basis, whether the technical committee or the executive office.”

And the head of the technical committee added that the committee that runs Zamalek is fighting to provide the players’ entitlements, especially since the club depends on its resources only and there are no external sources of income.

Farouk Jaafar added that Carteron was the one who chose him to take over the task of chairing the technical committee, pointing out that the technical director is consulting with him on some technical matters.

And he continued, confirming that a session will be held with Carteron during the coming period to discuss the file of loaned players and their position on returning, or loaning some of the current players.

And Farouk Jaafar added that his work in Zamalek is currently “volunteering”, and he will do his best to serve his “home” Zamalek, explaining that he attended Zamalek training on Friday as the first working day, and held a session with Shikabala, Hazem Imam, Jenish and a number of great players, and felt the state of love and friendliness. Between players.


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