Fathallah talks about … facing Zamalek … match pressure


Mahmoud Fathallah, the general coach of the Pyramids team, said that their next match in the league against Zamalek is a difficult match against a strong team.

Fathallah added, during an intervention in the Ontime stadium program: “The past period is good, we hope for improvement, and God honors us, and we will play a good match against Zamalek,” noting that his team suffers from pressure in the matches: “We play every 3 days a match and this is very difficult.”

Mahmoud Fathallah continued: “In the last month we played 10 matches, this is a great physical load on the players. We thank the players and appreciate the effort placed on them. In the midst of these matches there are travels like Morocco and Zambia. The coming period is difficult. We want to return in the league as well as continue with the Confederation, and I hope that there will be solutions.” .

Pyramids will meet his counterpart Zamalek, on Saturday evening, in the 19th round of the WE League championship.

During his speech, Fathallah touched on their falling in front of their Nigerian counterpart Enyimba in the Confederation quarter-finals, saying: “The draw is difficult, and all the teams that rose are strong and the lot put us in front of a heavy team and have a name as it is the most difficult journey and the most difficult stadium, reaching the final has become difficult and we have a goal and our Lord Honors us. ”

Regarding the incident of his team’s player, Ramadan Sobhi and the technical director of the federation, Hossam Hassan, the general coach of Pyramids responded: “I rushed towards them so that the matter did not develop, because it was the intensity of light matches and nothing happened. Captain Hossam is a great technical manager and Ramadan is a great player,” indicating at the same time that The future of their goalkeeper, Mahdi Suleiman, after his recent statements, is in the hands of his club’s board of directors, saying: “As a technical body, we are not authorized to talk about the matter, but I hope it ends well.”

The general coach of Pyramids concluded his remarks, saying: “The team has many players whose value we know and we are happy to train players of this value, and everyone in the system has his role and the strongest technical staff and in any major club the technical staff is the strongest, but things do not go like this, everyone respects some of them and knows their role and everyone respects some of them.” Other “.


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