Festival singers control “Ramadan drama”


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With her topping the singing scene in recent years, popular festivals singers dominated the singing scene in the current Ramadan marathon, after their presence in the past Ramadan seasons was timid. However, the current season witnessed a great competition from the popular festivals singer, led by singer Omar Kamal, who hit a number It is a record of participation in the work of Ramadan, as he participated in singing in 5 series, namely “The Choice 2”, “Bint Al Sultan” with the participation of Hamo Beka, “Meat Ghazal”, and “Best Father” with Hassan Shakoush and Ali Rabei, and also the series “ Between heaven and earth».

After the success achieved by Al-Madfaiya last year, after presenting the song “Millionaire”, with the participation of the heroes of the series, Asir Yassin and Nelly Karim, the makers of the series “Kings of Al-Jadana” sought help from the members of the festivals team. The heroes of the series, Mustafa Shaaban and Amr Saad, presented the introduction song “We are a State”, written, composed and distributed by Team Al Madfaijia..

In the series “Musa”, the festivals singer, Muslim Tatar, presented the beginning and the end, and the artist Ahmed Al-Awadi participated with the festivals duo Philo and Abolila, in presenting the song “Allah, your story”, inspired by the famous necessity that he repeats in the series “Alli Malush Kabir.”».

The popular singer Reda Al-Bahrawi maintained his presence this year, as he presented the songs of the series “The Tiger”, starring the artist Mohamed Imam, in the second cooperation between them after the series “Hogan”».


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