FIFA fines Zamalek 30 thousand euros in favor of the Moroccan defense


The International Football Association Board (FIFA) has imposed a fine of 30,000 euros on Zamalek, based on a complaint submitted by the Moroccan Al-Hasani Al-Jadida Club against the White Club regarding the loan of Moroccan Hamid Haddad to Al-Raja Club.

In July 2019, Zamalek loaned Hamid Haddad to Al-Rajaa Club for a period of $250 thousand, and the new defense did not receive the 20% of the loan amount included in his contract with the White Club in his sale deal.

The Dispute Resolution Committee obligated the owner club to pay an annual interest of 5% of the amount due, starting from the date of August 19, 2019 until the date of payment of the fine.

FIFA gave Zamalek 45 days to pay the fine, or else face the penalty of banning the registration of any new players for 3 consecutive registration periods.

Haddad moved to the ranks of Zamalek from the new defense at the beginning of the 2018/2019 season for a period of 4 years, for one million and 400 thousand dollars.


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