FilGoal | News | A sufficient source for the Joule: We have already taken a decision to implement the African Super League … and it is difficult for clubs to refuse it.


A source from the Confederation of African Football (CAF) revealed the fact that the idea of ​​the African Super League was being discussed.

A source from KAF said to “At every CAF meeting, the idea of ​​the African Super League is discussed.”

“Kaff took a decision to actually implement the idea,” he said.

He concluded, “It is difficult for clubs to reject the idea of ​​the Super League because it will ultimately benefit them.”

The idea of ​​the African Super League was floated after Patrice Mozebi won the presidency of CAF for 4 years to succeed Ahmed Ahmed.

He explained at the time the source of KAF for “On the sidelines of the General Assembly, the idea of ​​creating a league for the 20 best teams in Africa, Mozaya, for the Champions League was discussed.”

As the source explained “There is no agreement yet on the mechanism of the African Super League, and how it will be organized.”

He added, “The matter is still in the subject of the idea and it has not been finally approved. The consultations and discussions will continue, and it will be one of the most important topics that (K) will start to discuss in the coming period after the appointment of a new president, as Patrice Mutseppe, the new president, is very impressed with the idea put forward by Gianni Infantino.” .

The source continued, “The tournament will be composed of 20 teams, they are the best in the continent. There are many ideas about determining which teams will participate, as what happens in the African Champions League and the Confederation, with the participation of the first and second places in each league, or through the top 20 teams that score points.” During the last 5 years, all of these are proposals that are currently being discussed, to be resolved soon. ”

“The difference between this league and the CAF Champions League continued that it would provide a large number of competitive matches between big teams, and competition would increase among all, and the matter would be successful and profitable marketing for African football, which encourages (CAF) to apply it in terms of technical and marketing aspects. “.

“There is a lot about the prizes in that league, but we expect the prizes to reach 20 million dollars / which is a large number compared to the African Champions League and the Confederation, and this is also what will encourage the teams to participate in it,” he said.

European Super League

This comes at the same time that 12 European clubs separately announced the announcement of the European Super League Championship.

But the idea failed after less than 48 hours as the six English clubs in addition to Inter and Atletico Madrid withdrew.

Only Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus and Milan remained among the founding clubs of the competition, whose future became unknown.

However, the situation in Africa may be different due to sufficient care for the idea of ​​the opposite of the European Union.


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