FilGoal | News | A sufficient source reveals to the Joule: When is the decision to postpone the World Cup qualifiers … and the proposed dates?


It is now expected that the Executive Office of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) will approve the decision to postpone the FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifiers, on May 15, at its next meeting.

An official source with the Confederation, had made it clear to earlier that the idea of ​​postponing the World Cup qualifiers was on the table. (See details)

It was expected that the group stage of the World Cup qualifiers for Africa would start next June, then be completed in September and end in October, a situation that would change if enough decided to postpone the qualifiers.

In the event that the qualifiers are postponed, the first and second rounds of the international suspension will take place in September, the second and fourth in October, and the fifth and sixth in November.

As for the final round, in this case it will be held in the awaited international suspension in March 2022.

Egypt is in Group F, with Gabon, Angola and Libya.

And qualify the leaders in the ten groups to play a decisive role to resolve the five qualifiers from the brown continent to the World Cup Qatar.


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