FilGoal | News | Abdel Hafeez: Al-Sabahi saw “raising my eyebrow” and did not see the attachment yesterday … and I will delete Greishas number from my phone.


Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football at Al-Ahly, opened fire on the Egyptian arbitration after his team’s defeat by Ghazl El-Mahalla.

Al-Ahly continued its fluctuating results recently and lost at the Mahalla stadium With a view without a response Monday evening.

Abdel Hafeez said on his club’s channel after the match: “First, so that no one would bid us, we were very bad in the subscriptions and the second balls and Ghazl al-Mahalla, he played in an exemplary manner, especially in the first half.”

He added, “But this is normal because of the pressure of the matches. There is no player in the world, regardless of his skill and capabilities, who is able to run while he is physically exhausted.”

He explained, “We have nothing but to deal with this reality. We have two games remaining and we close this bad stage after that, but it is a tax that we will pay in all cases, even if you are Hercules the ball.”

He switched to talking about arbitration: “I will not say that we have penalties, but Mohamed Maarouf is talking to him and he gives me his back! I don’t think there is anything that can be described or analyzed.”

He added: “Al-Ahly has played 17 games this season. You get two penalties only, although it is the most attacks, shots and attempts on the goal, and both penalty kicks were counted by the same referee in two matches: Ibrahim Noureddine.”

He stressed, “I do not want more than my right, but what does FIFA do more than that? The video technology has made no difference.”

He turned to talk about the Zamalek and Pyramids match: “Mohamed Al-Sabahi, the video referee in yesterday’s match, when I raised my eyebrows to him only gave me a warning and a match was suspended and a fine of 50 thousand pounds was imposed on me, but yesterday he did not see interference with the facility.”

And he continued: “Al-Sabahi has a very big problem. A video referee in 4 matches has awarded 6 wrong penalties! Is there a follow-up or oversight? He was judged by the opponent yesterday.”

And Char: “With regard to those who say they are wronged by refereeing, this is a team that gets 12 penalty kicks, of which 5 are kicks in which the video technology is wrong, and they say they were wronged by arbitration, we only got two penalties in 17 matches.”

He added, “I will delete Jihad Greishas number from my phone, every time he makes a mistake and calls to apologize, as happened in front of Pyramids.”

He asked: “Jihad Greisha, who ruled in the World Cup and in the 7 African nations and in the Champions League final, will this ball count yesterday a penalty kick ?!”

And he continued: “Ahmed Al-Adawi judged Zamalek nearly 3 times. They were awarded 5 penalties.”

And he continued: “Amr Ramadan, who was a referee in the first division for the first time in his life, was awarded two penalty kicks and sent off in the Hodod Haras match, meaning slaughter and skinning.”

He explained: “Video technology is like taking an exam with a book, you cannot make mistakes at that time, that is impossible.”

He stressed: “I do not say that the rulers (they mean me) like other people, this talk is a defect and it is not correct to say, but I ask Wajih Ahmed, is there a review of the rulers decisions? ”

He asked, “Is it a coincidence that the 4 referees who formed the crew of our match against Zamalek are the same who administered the following matches for us?”

He concluded: “I am very happy despite Maarouf not counting Hussein Al-Shahat’s penalty kick, because it is the first time in the 17 matches that the referee is called to review a video clip.”

Al-Mahalla raised his score to point 27 and rose to eighth place, while Al-Ahly’s balance stagnated at point 37 in second place, 4 points ahead of Zamalek, and Al-Ahmar still has two matches left.

The defeat is the second for Al-Ahly this season, after losing to Smouha.

Thus, Ghazl El Mahalla succeeded in defeating the two poles of Egyptian football this season, after he defeated Zamalek in the same stadium with two goals to one.


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