FilGoal | News | Abu Greisha in fiery statements: Many have worked in Ismaili for their benefit … the youth sector has been destroyed


The number of Mohamed Salah Abu Grisha, the former Ismaili star of Egypt, causes the deterioration of the level of the dervishes from his point of view, accusing some people of working for their personal interest and not for the club.

Abu Greisha said on OnTime Sports: “The causes of the Ismaili decline?

He added, “People who benefit from the club have achieved their personal interests from the club, in all fields. The junior sector is being destroyed. Do not convince me that an agent will enter a club player and there is no one in the club who will help him in this, help him in the entry of another player and exit.”

And he added, “This is a fact, and there are papers proving that and numbers. There are players that you can ask. I left for how much and how much was written in your contract. I am fasting and do not lie. Why is the player silent? He is happy to move to Ismaili, and there are players who have spoken.”

Ismaili is currently ranked 15th in the league standings, with a score of 17 points.

Ismaily has not won any title since winning the league for the third time in its history in the 2001-2002 season.

Ismaily is the third most-crowned club in the Egyptian league, after Al-Ahly first and Zamalek second.

He is the first Egyptian to win the African Champions League when he won the title in 1969.


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