FilGoal | News | Ace: Fati’s condition deteriorates … and the player may need a fourth surgery “affecting his future.”


Barcelona and Spain youngster Ansu Fati is still suffering from the injury he suffered several months ago and kept him out of action.

And Fati suffered a tear in his left knee cartilage in November of last year.

The newspaper stated that Fati underwent a laparoscopic surgery last March to review the stitches and clean the cartilage, which is his third surgery since the injury.

This is after Fati began to recover from the wrong injury since the first day after surgery, and he had to not move his foot for 5 days before leaving the hospital, which did not happen.

Things got worse for Fati in the weeks following the surgery and his knee became very sore and more painful, and the physical therapy did not achieve any results, so doctors decided to operate again in January.

After the second operation, complications continued to build up, resulting in Fati needing a longer period of recovery.

Thus, the dream of the young player at a crossroads has become, either he wastes the entire season on him or fights time to return and participate with the Spain national team in Euro 2020 and the Olympic Games.

The newspaper indicated that it is not excluded that Fati will undergo a fourth surgery if he does not respond to treatment under the supervision of the surgeon Bernard Cottet.

The third surgical intervention that Fati underwent in March was a preventive measure in an attempt to save part of the meniscus, a key factor in his long athletic career.

In the absence of a solution in the coming weeks, the next step will be a meniscus removal, a decision that solves the problem in the short and medium term, but it can be dangerous in the long term.

The 18-year-old Fati started his career with Barcelona last season and starred strongly with the Catalans.

Before his injury this season, Fati played 10 games with Barcelona, ​​during which he scored 5 goals.


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