FilGoal | News | After he tried to dive in front of Liverpool … Wolverhampton captain: Salah told me, “Don’t do that.”


Wolverhampton captain Connor Coady revealed the scenes of an unsuccessful “acting” incident he had made in the Liverpool penalty area during the two teams’ first round match of the season.

Wolverhampton visited Liverpool at Anfield last December, a match that ended with the Reds’ 4-0 victory, and saw a theatrical fall for Caddy that did not attack video technology.

Speaking to the podcast, “The Greatest Gym”, Coady said of the clip: “I got very critical of that behavior.”

He added: “When the ball is on its way towards you, you think that the starting opponent will touch you. This is what I thought about Mane, but he removed his foot very quickly.”

And he continued: “So I fell and was hoping that the referee would not whistle a penalty, and so when the referee whistled, I put up and sat on the ground and put my head in the grass and said damn it.”

He explained: “I knew he would see what happened in video technology, and on my return to my penalty area, Liverpool players were criticizing me, and I looked at the ground and walked in silence.”

He revealed, “While I was passing through them, Salah is among all the players. He told me: You cannot do that, my friend.”

He finished, “I didn’t even ask for a penalty kick. My family criticized me afterwards and asked what I had done. I looked like a fool.”

Coady, 28, formed at Liverpool’s academy and played two matches in the Reds’ first-team jersey before leaving in 2014 for Huddersfield Town.

He has led Wolverhampton defense club since 2015, and has 4 caps for England.


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