FilGoal | News | Ahmed Ali Kamel rises to 11th place in the league’s top scorer ranking throughout history


Ahly Bank striker Ahmed Ali Kamel reached his 87th goal in the Egyptian Premier League after visiting El Entag El Harby on Tuesday.

Thus, the 34-year-old rose to 11th place in the league’s top scorer standings throughout history, equal to Mohamed Salah Abu Grisha and Massad Nour.

And the ranking of the best scorers in the league throughout history:

1 – Hassan Al-Shazly (173 goals according to Al-Akhbar and Al-Gomhoria newspapers, 171 goals according to Al-Ahram newspaper)

2- Hossam Hassan (168 goals)

3- Al-Sayed Al-Dahoui (127 goals)

4- Mostafa Riad (122 goals)

5- Abdullah Al-Saeed (111 goals)

6- Mahmoud Al-Khatib (109 goals)

7- Ahmed Al Kas (107 goals)

8- Muhammad Abu Trika (106 goals)

9- Jamal Abdel Hamid (101 goals)

10- Hamdi Abdel Fattah (92 goals)

11- Ahmed Ali, Mohamed Salah Abu Greisha and Massad Nour (87 goals)

14- Ezz El Din Yaqoub (86 goals)


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