FilGoal | News | Al-Ahly calls for foreign referees for the rest of its matches in the league … and appeals to the Football Association to reveal the facts


Al-Ahly club asked the Football Association to assign the remainder of its matches in the Egyptian League this season to foreign referees.

Al-Ahly said on its official website:

“The club management sent a letter this morning, Tuesday, to the Football Association requesting the appointment of foreign referees of the first European classification for all upcoming Al-Ahly matches, and that the club bear all financial costs, according to the competitions regulations (Article 110 c – In the event that any club requests the appointment of foreign referees for any match in which it participates, and the association agrees to fulfill its request, this club is obligated to pay the costs of summoning referees, arbitration allowances, transfers, accommodation … etc in foreign currency at least two weeks before the date of the match. The federation costs of bringing in foreign referees for important matches of public sensitivity for reasons of public security, which are determined by the Federation’s Board of Directors).

Al-Ahly added “In the event of rejection, the club asked FIFA officials to show the truth to the public opinion, and to announce the reasons, especially that Al-Ahly will bear all the financial costs for that. Al-Ahly also asked in his speech to clarify the matter about the intransigence that many touch, and is the goal of it to push the club to resort to the International Football Association to reveal Unjustified errors, whether “crude” arbitration he is exposed to, or what came from amendments and arrangements in the match schedule without taking into account the principle of equal opportunities, especially since it has not been announced so far by the Federation. Why did Al-Ahly start the second round of the league without playing its postponed match with? Aswan from the first round, and why did the activities of the second round start with the match of Ghazal El Mahalla and not the clearing Egypt match, as happened in the first round .. which entails that the Al-Ahly team play two consecutive matches outside Cairo with Mahalla and then Al-Ittihad in Alexandria before the summit match, and before playing the first-leg match in The quarter-finals of the Champions League, set for May 15th, this came after the “crude” arbitration errors committed by the referee of the Al-Ahly match and Ghazl El-Mahalla yesterday, as he overlooked the calculation of a correct penalty kick for Mohamed Hani, the Al-Ahly player. He did not overlook the dismissal of the defender of Ghazl El Mahalla, who blocked Mohamed Sharif, the Al-Ahly striker, while he was alone in the goal. In addition to the opponent’s scoring the winning goal from “Fawel”, it is incorrect, according to the testimony of all the refereeing experts .. In his speech, Al-Ahly listed some arbitration errors that left what is greater than question marks, in the fifth week of the league, and when the Al-Ahly team faced its rival Wadi Degla, the match ruling overlooked In the sixth week of the Ceramica Cleopatra match, the referee canceled a correct goal for Al-Ahly striker Mahmoud Kahraba, and in the eighth week of the Al-Ahly Bank match, the referee canceled a correct goal scored by Ayman Ashraf and Al-Ahly lost two points By tying him in this match … and in the tenth week of the Pyramids match, the referee canceled a correct goal scored by Walter Bwalia, and did not count a penalty in favor of Al-Ahly striker Mohamed Sharif. Al-Ahly loses two points by tying in this match..and the same mistakes were repeated in the Al-Mahalla match..and it was stated in Al-Ahly’s speech that he had previously addressed the Football Association several times on (1-18, 1-27, 2-3, 11-4-2021) to investigate the repeated arbitration errors against Al-Ahly, and the necessity Finding a pause about this matter, and establishing the principle of justice, and there was no response from the federation .. Also today’s speech touched on the complaint of unjustified intentional setting of a pressurized match schedule, in an unprecedented way for Al-Ahly, where the team plays a match every three days, which is what He dropped many of its elements to injury and to physical and mental exhaustion. This is what many saw as harsh punishment for the Al-Ahly team for its honorable representation of Egyptian football in continental forums, winning the Champions League last season, participating in the Club World Cup and winning the bronze medal .. This is in addition to the unfair arrangement of the matches schedule, as Al-Ahly was supposed to play its match. In front of Aswan, the rest of the first round before we started the activities of the second round, but he found himself starting the activities of the second round, and instead of facing the Egyptian clearinghouse team in the first round of this round, similar to what happened in the first round, Al-Ittihad put the Ghazl El Mahalla match in the second round instead of Of them, which of course is outside Cairo, then the Al-Ittihad match in Alexandria, outside Cairo, all this travel and trouble before the summit match, and the first leg of the Champions League quarter-eight match.


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