FilGoal | News | Al-Khatib: We used to dream of owning a stadium since we were players … and I am not worried about financing the project


Mahmoud Al-Khatib, President of Al-Ahly Club, revealed the next steps in the implementation program for the new club’s stadium.

Al-Ahly held an opening ceremony to lay the foundation stone for the construction of Al-Ahly Stadium today, Saturday, in Sheikh Zayed City.

Al-Khatib said during the press conference on the sidelines of the ceremony: “When we were players, our dream was to have a stadium in the name of Al-Ahly Club. Many years have passed since this dream, and today we are facing an important and historic stage for Al-Ahly Club by laying the foundation stone for Al-Ahly Stadium.” .

He added, “We succeeded in obtaining approvals to increase the height of the stadium to 30 meters after we were allowed 6 meters, and we also doubled the area of ​​the stadium from 28 thousand meters to 48 thousand meters.”

He concluded, “I am not completely concerned about the issue of financing Al-Ahly Stadium. The name of Al-Ahly is large and I am sure that everyone is rushing to finance the project as soon as it is announced, not because of people, but because of the name of Al-Ahly that is large and attractive to investment.”

Al-Ahly laid the foundation stone for its new stadium in Sheikh Zayed City, in the presence of Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing and Utilities, and Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza.


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