FilGoal | News | Al-Masry in the Joule: We finish the August 20 tournament in this case … and a meeting with the referees to find solutions


Mohamed El-Khouli, Vice President of Al-Masry Al-Borseidi, revealed the most prominent points that the clubs discussed with the tripartite committee regarding the Egyptian League.

The tripartite committee held a meeting with the league clubs on Tuesday morning.

Al-Khouli said in statements to “The league table? We will remain in this problem and we must bear the consequences of completing last season.”

“The solution is simple, it is to complete the season during the Olympics. We are giving up a key player in the team, such as Karim Al-Iraqi, and I say that I am ready to participate in the league without him,” he explained.

He continued, “If the league matches were held during the Olympics, then the league will end on August 20, and this will be very wonderful for the federation and the clubs, and 90% of the clubs agreed to this situation, but we do not know the opinion of Al-Ahly and Zamalek for not attending.”

And he continued, “We talked about the problems resulting from the judges mistakes in the presence of video technology. The problem is not in devices and not cameras, but in the one responsible for all this. ”

He added, “The referees must be trained and a meeting must be established between the tripartite committee and the referees to resolve the crisis, especially with the complaints of all clubs.”

He concluded, “The Football Association promised to hold a meeting next week with the referees to find solutions because the problems are recurring.”


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