FilGoal | News | Alec box – Nader Al-Sayed responds to Tariq Al-Saeed and reveals what happened on their first day inside Al-Ahly


There are a lot of unknown stories and scenes happening in the match camps before, and now it is time to reveal them.

“Elik box” is a new series presented by during the month of Ramadan.

The idea states that every player should reveal a secret to us and ask a question to his teammate and he must answer it in order to tell us the full story.

The question directed from Tariq Al-Saeed to Nader Al-Sayed said: “What did you say to me on the first day you entered Al-Ahly?”

Nader answered El-Sayed, laughing, in his interview with, “We were very surprised, Tariq and I, on our first day at Al-Ahly.”

He continued, “We were brought up in Zamalek, and Tariq said to me, Is this real? Are we really in Al-Ahly?”

He continued, “I answered him that this is football and professionalism. We were brought up in Zamalek and we love him a lot, but professionalism forces you to play in many places, and he asked me even if in competing clubs? I answered him in the affirmative. We laughed together and took some time to understand what happened.”

Nader Al-Sayed continued, “Moving to Al-Ahly was difficult for Tariq because he came directly from Zamalek, but I went through a professional experience and played in more than one team before moving to Al-Ahly.”

Nader Al-Sayed concluded his speech, “I moved to Al-Ahly to preserve my place in the Egyptian national team in the 2006 Africa Cup of Nations, but things did not go as I wanted and this is what happened.”

Nader Al-Sayed asked Samir Kammouna, what happened between you and Hani Ramzy during your professionalization in the German league?

Wait for the story in the next episode.


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