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A while ago I was sitting in a cafe, reading a psychology book that talks about the behavior of individuals and their personal motivations in different situations, at that moment I heard a conversation.

“Can I bring children into a world this cruel?” His wife’s husband asked.

I automatically thought to myself, “In a world with Marquinhius? Yes, yes, you can.”

At the time I was also looking at Mark Wade’s writing about the motives of Superman, the last son of Krypton, and it related to the book and the husband’s question!

“Even though his origins are extraterrestrial, it is fair to assume that Cal L feels a need for a community that is shared by all the people around him; if not, he would likely not bother working from nine to five in Metropolis being Clark Kent. Once bored, he will fly to explore the solar system and larger galaxies. ”

Unlike the 1990s, footballers today are body athletes, when the average midfielder can cover more than 14 kilometers in sprints in ninety minutes, it would be reasonable to suggest that football is ready for the next evolutionary leap.

There will be room for a new generation of obedient and intelligent soccer players, imagine football as a series consisting of several episodes, and disintegrate when the breaks between them increase, the players will not stand out like the useless commas, which limits your enjoyment of watching the series, but if you say the commas, you will be The game is easier to follow, and this will also help attract new fans.

Years ago I did not see anything new happening in football to the point where the sport started to step on its toes like high priests. Lawmakers of the game deduced its importance from the light air that filled a bar in London in the nineteenth century, with due respect, these were the same distant visionary gentlemen who Professional sport was impossible.

Try to spend twenty-five years of your life making sure of something only to find out that the company you keep, and the job you occupy is an annoying daily routine, how a bald chemistry teacher decided overnight to make methamphetamine, how did a young man suffering from insomnia decide one night Summer hack his university database? This is for the purpose of taking some students’ pictures, and placing them on a site to compare two pictures and vote which is more beautiful, in order to deduce from that experience an important note, which made him proceed to implement the idea of ​​”Facebook” after that, then, what prevents this from happening in football?

The former Paris Saint-Germain coach, Thomas Tuchel, described him as “amazing”, and his teammates trusted him as their representative. When speaking to the board of directors, his parents still called him “Mokoti”, but inside the dressing room, he became known as Kaiser Franz, referring to To German legend Franz Beckenbauer, most people don’t believe he is only 26 years old.

It started with the creation of a person called Marcus Oss for a YouTube channel “golwin marketingesportivo”, a channel with 327 subscribers, and most of its videos get less than 2000 views, so you may not pay any attention to it even if you accidentally find it in front of you, the channel is considered part of a marketing company A young athlete in Brazil launched in the second half of 2010, registered under the name of Marcos’ daughter “Reyama”, to produce clips for youth soccer matches.

A few months after the establishment of the channel, the AUS group managed to film a match between Corinthians and Barcelona in a U-17 tournament called Future Champions, Barcelona had Gerard Deulovo and Mauro Icardi in their ranks, but on that day the Brazilians crushed them with a clean foursome, Marquinhos concluded the Corinthians’ victory with the most goal. The splendor of his career, after seeing the goalkeeper far from his own goal, Marquinhos shot from the middle of his court a ball past the net.

In the same competition that was held in December 2010 in Belo Horizonte, Marquinhos starred against Paris Saint-Germain and his former teammate Adrian Rabiot and was also impressive against Everton, so he was immediately invited for the first time to play for the Brazil U-17 national team after being seen by Emerson Avila, the coach of the team who It was located in the stands.

Rodrigo Letao, his coach in Corinthians during that time, laughs: “Whenever I was invited to give a lecture, it is this presentation that he gave to Barcelona that I enjoy talking about. Marquinhos was amazing that day, not only from a defensive standpoint, but also in managing things on the pitch.”

Avila also remembers those events, saying “Everton had some very strong strikers and they sent a lot of balls into the penalty area but they weren’t able to beat Marquinhos in the air, not one time, he was brilliant in that match.”

“He’s technically talented, he reads the game better than the more experienced defenders and he always gets to the ball one second before the attackers, in a way, he can be described as the master of the interception, off the field, he is also a wonderful and always cheerful man. I had no doubts about giving him the captain’s armband. “.

If you were to draw the outline of a typical central defender in modern football, the salient features would probably be strength, speed, accurate vertical and diagonal passing ability, leadership and timing to tackle, or you could simply mention Marquinhos who has the perfect central backing composition of the modern era.

There is no doubt that a large part of the reason Paris Saint-Germain reached the Champions League final last year and the semi-finals of the competition this year was due to Marquinhos, as his stability in the back line of the French team completely changed any previous defensive standards.

The easiest thing for the center of defense is to sit and defend in a group defending with deep blocks in tight spaces, but the style of Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazilian national team requires a proactive forward pressure, Marquinhos, who has never enjoyed the luxury of first-class training, had to gain it.

Marquinhos’ characteristics are suited to any type of defense without any reduction in production or quality, as a central defender, his job as part of the team is to prevent the opponent from creating high-quality chances to score goals.

Paris Saint-Germain’s style depends on controlling the game, as they always look to control the ball, and thus it is difficult for the opponent to create offensive opportunities.

However, the flip side of this control is that often when the opponent can quickly move from defense to attack, they will leave Paris defenders trying to defend their own goal in a large space.

Defend in space and read play

Fortunately for Marquinhos, this is his advantage as a defender, his strength and speed make it very difficult for the opponent’s strikers to make the difference, and he reads the play incredibly well.

Not only does the Brazilian defender read the move, he is quick enough to tackle different situations and win the ball there, Marquinhos controls his entire half of his court with his ability to move quickly and cover space on his own.

Marquinhos pressed 10 times per 90 minutes, 3.88 times the defensive third, 4.76 in the middle third and 1.36 in the offensive third. With a foul of 0.06, the opponent hits the ball.

Initially, the opponent’s player holds the ball, but Marquinhos cannot fight because he has to cover the second striker on his blind side, but with the development of the attack time, and with the move of the ball carrier to threaten the penalty area, we see that Marquinhos chooses a suitable time to rise and win the ball in a clean way.

Marquinius uses his speed very well to defend in space when he finds himself the last man.

We see these abilities to read play in the next example.

Defense in medium and deep blocks

If the defense team wants a high mass by using possession and spinning the ball, Marquinhos will be the right person in defense, and if the team wants to defend with a deep or medium mass and play long and direct football, Marquinhos will also be suitable.

Marquinhos won 2.43 air strikes, 59.7% per 90 minutes, intercepted 1.32, made 1.36 tackles (of which 0.85 were correct tackles) and recovered 9.15 times per 90 minutes, did not commit any foul that led to a goal, did not take any penalty Ali, his team, did not score any goal, he got only two warnings during this season.

Marquinhos’ proactive nature makes him a suitable choice when the team loses the ball, his reading of the playing path makes him control the time and place, you will find him in the right place and the right time, this is not an easy thing at all, but it needs great awareness because any progress or delay from timing The right thing will hurt the whole group, but Marquinhos never falls into that trap.

There is nothing he cannot do in the defensive phase, in fact, he can play right back or play number 6 in midfield and he will be impressive.

Accurate long passes

As I mentioned a while ago, Paris Saint-Germain and the Brazilian national team are looking forward to dominating the ball and always playing forward.

As a result, the center back in this system must be able to use their foot effectively because they always have space and time in possession in the offensive phase.

Marquinhos is a great distributor of the ball, with his right foot who can distribute in all areas of the field with high accuracy, as he is constantly looking for opportunities to pass vertically and help his team advance to the opponent’s half.

Marquinhos has the ability to drop the pass in the space behind the defensive line that prevents the goalkeeper from going out and grabbing the ball.

Marquinhos can in front of the teams that are happy to sit deep to force their opponent to try to break through the defense barrier, creating space on both sides of the defensive block, these passes force the opponent to adapt and go out to the sides and this in turn creates a space in the center of the block that can be exploited.

Building play from the back

As well as being an accomplished dealer of the ball, Marquinhos also poses a threat to the opponent when knocking off the defensive line to build up play.

Having defenders who are able to dribble during possession is very effective because it forces the opponent’s players to break their defensive barrier and increases their pressure incentives to win the ball.

This will create spaces behind that pressing player that the attacking team can take advantage of and find a teammate to have possession of the ball.

Made 68.55 passes, including 62.65 valid passes, with a completion rate of 91.4% successful passes (94.9% short passes, 95% medium passes and 78% long passes), 6.47 passes for every 90 minutes under pressure, more progressive passes, 3.94 passes per 90 minutes, passes To the final third, 5.24 passes per 90 minutes, and 1.61 passes to switch sides per 90 minutes (a pass that crosses more than 40 yards across the edges of the field).

Marquinhos has great confidence in possession and feels comfortable in possession of the ball under the pressure of an opponent.

He touched the ball 78.71 times per 90 minutes, 9.97 in the penalty area of ​​his team, 35.93 in the defensive third, 43.31 in the middle third, 4.64 in the offensive third and 1.01 in the opponent’s penalty area, he carried the ball with his feet 51.92 times per minute, he covered an advanced distance of 153.53 yards, He carried the ball forward 3.56 times and 0.47 times for the final third.

Even when he passes to the right-back as he tends to play as a central defender on the right side, he passes the ball with force and appropriate speed on the side that makes the full-back ready to run only to make 2-on-1 positions in front of the opponent, Marquinhos never passes these balls except when he finds a suitable space left behind by the opponent’s wing. , He is very smart about these games.

He scored 0.22 goals for every 90 minutes (0.73 shots, of which 0.41 on target), and his Shot-Creating Actions numbers are staggering, which are actions that lead to shots such as passes, dribbles, or direct free kicks, Marquinhos got 0.6 per minute. 0.16 (Goal-Crating Actions) actions that lead to goals.

Is there any doubt that Marquinhos is one of the best defenders in world football today?

I’m going to change the rules this time, Marquinhoss strength inevitably resembles Superman’s strength, I always felt like he was playing like he knew it, he was moving like a storm, he flew through the air, creating a silent void that wasn’t there moments ago, the bigger the storm around him, the quieter he was. .

If S is a symbol of hope in Krypton, then Marquinhos embodies hope in my aspirations to change the future, just give him a mantle like Superman, so that kids watching football can recognize him and aspire to excel in the other world, give him a mantle because all his teammates will tell you that he It’s worth it because it’s different and not just inspiring.


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