FilGoal | News | Carteron Conference: Al-Ahly has no right to object to arbitration … and the changes have borne fruit


Zamalek coach Patrice Carteron believes that his team appeared well and differed in front of Al-Ahly from the first round meeting, while he does not see that Al-Ahly has the right to object to arbitration.

Al-Ahly and Zamalek tied with a goal for each team at Cairo Stadium, in the 21st round matches of the Egyptian League.

“We played a good game and deserved the equal point,” Patrice Carteron said at the press conference after the match.

He added, “All Zamalek players have performed well and dealt with the negatives that appeared in the first round meeting.”

Carteron followed, “Al-Ahly’s goal came from the right side for us, and then I made substitutions to activate that front, and those substitutions played a big role in achieving a draw.”

The French coach continued, “We play the matches in different ways, but the difference between today’s match and the first-round match is the lack of spaces between the team’s players, which helped to appear at a good level in the match. We did not really take advantage of the crosses, but we posed a great danger to Al-Ahly’s goal.”

Regarding the arbitration, Carteron said, “Al-Ahly has no right to object to arbitration. Ashraf Bencharqi deserved a penalty kick after a strong confrontation from Badr Bannon and the referee did not consider it. Al-Ahly’s goal will not find him a re-clarification of his validity or not.”

The Zamalek coach concluded his speech by touching on the competition for the league, saying, “The competition for the league is difficult, and the evidence for this is the loss of Pyramids yesterday, and the competitor has postponed matches.”

He completed, “Zamalek temporarily leads the competition, and competition for the league needs mental strength, as happened today after the result was late, and the players were able to return to meet and achieve a draw.”

The draw raised Zamalek’s balance to 45 points at the top of the standings from 21 games, while Al-Ahly’s balance rose to 41 points from 19 games.


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