FilGoal | News | Coman: It is impossible to understand what happened .. We have to go ahead and prepare for next season


Barcelona coach Ronaldo Coman appears to have ended his La Liga title hopes after losing two points to Levante.

Levante stunned Barcelona with a dramatic draw at the opening of the 36th round of the Spanish League, and the Blaugrana temporarily failed to rise to the top. (See the details)

“The coaches are always asked, I understand,” Koeman said after the end of the meeting. “After the second half there are a lot of questions.”

“I am disappointed and wondering what happened, we have to go ahead and prepare for next season,” he added.

He continued, “As a coach, I am always responsible. We spoke between the two halves of improving defensively and not losing sharpness. We were superior in the score 2-0, and we did not expect to draw.”

“Our goal was to win the three matches, and I hope the others lose points,” he added.

“The matches lasted 90 minutes and we lost a lot in the second half. Levante caused us problems and we did not defend well,” he added.

“It is very frustrating, it is impossible to understand what happened, it is difficult to explain,” he said.

“He caused a lot of danger on the side and was good in defense. It was very difficult to play as an advanced back,” he said, according to Osman Demipley. ”

Barca tied to 76 points in second place and Real Madrid returned to third place with 75 points before the Granada clash on Thursday.

Atletico Madrid remained in the lead with 77 points, before facing Real Sociedad.


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