FilGoal | News | Conte after winning the League: Now we’re going to sleep and we’re happy


Inter coach Antonio Conte expressed his happiness after winning the Italian league title this season.

Inter won the Italian League title for the first time since the 2009-2010 season.

Conte told the Italian network “RAI”: “We will go to sleep and we are happy with what we have achieved. We are happy for ourselves and for those who were working to restore Inter to the victories and for the fans who will feel relaxed now.”

He continued, “I consider this title one of the most important titles I have achieved during my career. It was very difficult because it was not easy for me to choose Inter during a period when he was not competing or had the resources to achieve something great.”

And he continued, “I would also have gone to a team that was a competitor to Juventus, where I had been playing for many years, and who dominated the league.”

And he added, “There were many negative situations, but I agreed to the challenge very willingly.”

And about Inter’s exit from the group stage of the Champions League, he explained, “I think it was the worst moment. It was not easy, but we worked together and accepted criticism to be stronger.”

“What led us to victory are the players who trust me. I explained my way to them and they trusted me, and in the end we found the way.”

And about Inter’s next match against Juventus in the league, he said: “We will try to do our best in this match, regardless of the league standings.”

“We want to continue working until the end of the season. We achieved the league 4 rounds before the end, but we will continue playing.”

He added, “Entering the Juventus stadium has always been an honor for me, and now I am learning to do it while I compete with them.”

On his future with the team, he said: “At this moment I have to enjoy the league title, and not give a chance for there to be room for rumors.”

“We have achieved something exceptional and I want to celebrate it, and there will be time to talk about all the things that we want to implement,” he said.


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