FilGoal | News | Continuing to fight for the Champions League seat .. “Chalhanoglu 50” leads Milan to victory over Benevento


Milan defeated Benevento with two unanswered goals in the match at the San Siro in the 34th round of the Italian League.

Hakan Chalhanoglu took the lead in the 6th minute after exchanging the ball with Alexis Salimaikers and shot to the left of Beneventos goalkeeper Lorenzo Montebo with force.

Theo Hernandez added the second goal in the 60th minute, after following Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s shot and put it in the net easily.

Milan’s victory raised its tally to 69 points to temporarily take second place behind Inter, who leads with 82 and need 3 points, to win the league.

Milan came close to equaling the highest number of points scored in the league since the 2012-2013 season.

Milan reached the 72nd point in the 2012-2013 season, and it needs 3 points to equal the number and 6 points to break it out of the 12 available points remaining this season.

Milan are competing with Atalanta (68 points), Napoli and Juventus (66 points) for the remaining three Champions League qualifying cards – after Inter secured qualification – but all previous teams played only 33 games.

Lazio, who is sixth with 61 points, played only 32 games.

While Benevento stuck at point 31 to finish eighteenth, and his position on remaining in the league is complicated.

Hakan Chalhanoglu’s goal is his 50th in the top five leagues.

To become the fourth Turkish player to score 50 goals or more in the five major leagues, after Mouloud Erding (92 goals), Naihat Kahwaji (76 goals) and Hillel Altintop (67 goals).

Milan will play Juventus in the next round, while Benevento will play Cagliari.


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