FilGoal | News | Eriksen: We’re not going to see Atalanta together … We got very close to the title


Inter player Christian Eriksen expressed his happiness that his team is so close to the Italian League title.

Inter need to stumble Atalanta against Sassuolo today, or one point for the Nerazzurri from the next four matches, if Atalanta wins today.

Inter had beaten Croton with two 0-0 goals in the last 20 minutes of the match, with the two goals scored by Eriksen and Ashraf Hakimi.

“That goal is not the goal of winning the title officially, as we have to wait for the result of Atalanta,” Eriksen told Sky Sport Italy.

“We are very close to the title, and I am happy with this goal, and I have not scored much this season,” he added.

“I would be very happy if that goal became the ultimate goal of winning the title,” Eriksen said.

On the team gathering to watch the Atalanta match, he explained, “We will not meet at the training ground together to watch the match.”

He concluded his remarks, “I will stay with my family and wait for the outcome of the match in any case.”

Inter are top of the Italian league with 82 points, four rounds before the end of the competition.

As for Atalanta, it is currently third, with 68 points before facing Sassuolo, one point behind second-placed Milan after the victory over Benevento.


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