FilGoal | News | Fahim Omar: The rate of judges ’errors is 5% .. A message to analysts and the problem of video technology


Fahim Omar, a member of the Referees Committee of the Egyptian Football Association, said that the rate of referees’ errors in the Egyptian League matches is 5%.

Fahim Omar spoke on “Echo Al Balad” channel today, Wednesday, in response to Al-Ahly’s request for foreign referees to manage its matches in the league, saying: “Opinion belongs to the Football Association, but this is not logical after playing the summit with Egyptian referees.”

And he continued, “Let’s talk logically when we go into 161 matches, and the mistakes are 5%. This is very normal, as happens in the whole world. I will not say arbitration errors, but referees are not successful in some matches.”

He added, “The Referees Committee appoints an observer for the referee and for the video, and when any mistake occurs, we punish the official and do not use him in matches. When a player misses a penalty kick or an opportunity, he is punished? The penalty occurs but is not dispensed with.”

He stressed, “We do not announce the referee’s sanctions. There is great support, material and moral support from Ahmed Mujahid and the administration of the Football Association.”

Fahim Omar asserted, “The analysis of the rulers decisions has a great impact on the existing confidence. The analysis must have a kind of impartiality and not bully or chase the mistakes of some rulers. ”

A member of the Referees Committee continued his speech, “two weeks ago, the Egyptian arbitration conducted the summit between Al-Ahly and Zamalek at the highest level, and the matches that followed the summit were at the highest level. There is no need for the Temple to rise because of one or two errors.”

Regarding the referees ‘mistakes in the Al-Ahly and Al-Mahalla matches, Zamalek and Pyramids, he said: “There is pressure from the referees’ matches, like stressful teams, and the resurrection should not take place in this way. We must trust the referees.”

And he added, “Also, if the refereeing experts manage the referees committee, they will not prevent mistakes, there must be logic in analyzing the performance of the referees, especially that we do not fully analyze the performance of the referees in the match, but rather we come up with a shot or two and do the analysis only.”

As for the video technology not reducing the errors, he explained, “The training that took place on it was for a very short period and a large number of referees did not obtain a video technology license. As a referee committee, we pay a previous bill.”

By asking when a court judge or a video technique judge is being punished, he explained, “If the video referee summons was wrong and the arena judge made his decision, and we saw as a referee committee that the arena judge’s decision was correct, we stop the video judgment, for example, or if a wrong summons occurred, whoever makes a mistake is punished, this is normal in the world. Entire”.

And he stressed, “If everyone got used to seeing a referee and suddenly he disappeared from the matches, this means that this referee has been suspended.”

And when asked whether Sayed Shaaban managed the video referee in the Ghazl Al-Mahalla and Al-Ahly meeting, he replied, “Yes, he has managed before.”


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