FilGoal | News | Faraj Amer: If Mustafa Fathi returns to Zamalek, his level will drop … Look at the Al-Ahly duo


Faraj Amer, president of Smouha Club, believes that his team’s victory over Al-Ahly in the last round affected the team during the confrontation with Al-Ittihad of Alexandria. Mustafa Fathi’s performance is expected to decline if he returns to Zamalek after the end of his loan with Smouha.

Smouha tied with Al Ittihad of Alexandria with two goals for each team in the 19th round of the Egyptian League.

Faraj Amer told “Sada Al-Balad” channel: “A draw against Al-Ittihad is better than losing, and a return from being late in the score with two goals is wonderful.”

He continued, “The Al-Ahly match affected us negatively, so we did not enter the atmosphere of the Al-Ittihad match from the start.”

“The team conceded two correct goals, but we squandered 3-4 chances to score in the first half, strangely enough, and the last touch was not accurate.”

And he continued, “If Ahmed Sami had not made defensive changes, we would have won the match, but he knows the team’s conditions well, and we suffer from exhaustion because we only have 20 players.”

On the loan of Hossam Hassan, the team’s striker, to Al-Ahly Tripoli, he said: “The club served a lot and we had the opportunity to invest. He will benefit and get a bigger salary, and we will also benefit financially.”

On Mustafa Fathy Al Maar from Zamalek, he explained, “There is no contact with Zamalek. He is a great player and I hope he will continue with us.”

He followed, “If he returns to Zamalek, he will play several games well and then suffer a period of relegation.”

“The big clubs are the ones responsible, as they attract players,” he stressed.

He cited, for example, Nasser Maher and Salah Mohsen, the current Al-Ahly duo, who was loaned to Samouha last season.

And he continued, “Muhammad Abu Jabal was the best goalkeeper in Egypt before he left Smouha and moved to Zamalek.”

Faraj Amer had likened the Al-Ahly and Smouha match to the tennis match, and the Smouha and Al-Ittihad match to a chess match, so how would it resemble the upcoming Smouha and Zamalek match? A question he answered “I do not know.”

Smouha ranks sixth with 28 points from 19 matches.


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