FilGoal | News | Film in the Joule – Ahmed Hassan “El Haref” .. is not just a focal point


Falcon Ahmed Hassan .. is not just a fulcrum or playmaker. But he is the dean of the Egyptian and world players and more than his country has historically represented.

Brigadier General Ahmed Hassan celebrates his 46th birthday today, and re-publishes the film (Ahmed Hassan, “Al-Haref” … not just a pivot) on this occasion.

“The problem of people in Egypt is that they took the impression on me that I am a strong defensive player. Even though the fans in Belgium and Turkey see me the playmaker who controls the team’s reheat.” This is how Ahmed Hassan sees himself.

This will be proven by a movie in the Joule “Ahmed Hassan .. El Haref”.

184 international matches … 33 goals with the Egyptian national team and four African Nations Championships. A career that may have been reduced to just being a defending midfielder, now it’s time for a correction.

Watch a movie in the Joule from here.


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