FilGoal | News | Handball – Sundus Hashana for In the Joule: Al-Ahly is a “European club” .. I have the honor to belong to it


Sondos Hashana, the Tunisian professional handball club Al-Ahly, expressed her satisfaction with her level in her first season in Egypt.

Sundus said in statements “Thank God, it was a great first season for me. I was able to win all the titles, and I hope that I was up to the fans’ expectations.”

He added, “The competition was national with various teams, but our spirit and determination were stronger to return the championships to Al-Ahly Club.”

Sundus completed, “Al-Ahly is a big team and very popular, whether in Egypt or abroad, and has a European club system.”

The Tunisian professional said, “Al-Ahly used to dominate all the tournaments, but last year it failed. But the advantage of the big team is like Al-Ahly, that it returns quickly and can crown titles.”

Hashana followed, “The whole team is excellent, and this is what distinguishes the team because it is a collective team, and I was close to the whole team, but my dream is the closest to me.”

“I am honored that I was the first professional in Al-Ahly’s history, and that I achieved 3 championships with the team in my first season. My contract is continuing for another season, and my ambition is to win all titles, especially the African Championship and the Arab Championship.”

And she continued, “Thank God I was able to help the team, and this is thanks to my colleagues who helped me do my best.”

“God willing, I will meet the expectations of the big fans of Al-Ahly Club and be the best ambassador for Tunisian sports. I thank the fans for their support,” she said.

Sundus Hashana joined Al-Ahly Club this season, coming from Club Africain, as the first professional in the history of Al-Ahly women’s handball.

Al-Ahly lost all the championships last season after a 30-year-old domination, as Al-Shams won the league, and Sporting the Egypt Cup.

And this season, Al-Ahly’s control returned with a local hat-trick, in which Sundus was one of the most prominent players.

Sundus, 24, is considered one of the most prominent players in the Tunisian national team, having played 3 World Cups in less than a year for young women, juniors and adults in December 2013 and summer 2014.


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