FilGoal | News | Hisham Ibrahim: Zamalek is wronged. If the Football Association wants to dedicate the league to one of the clubs, let him do so


Hisham Ibrahim, Vice President of Zamalek Club, Jihad Greisha, the referee of the match between his team and Pyramids.

Zamalek tied with Pyramids with a goal for each team in the 19th round of the Egyptian League.

Hisham Ibrahim told Sada Al-Balad channel: “The latest match is unfortunate, and Zamalek was wronged. There is a penalty kick for Hazem Imam that was not counted by the referee and he did not return to the video assistant referee, as he ended the match before the end of the calculated time instead of lost.”

He continued, “The referee has previous events against Zamalek and the Football Association should not choose him so as not to be interpreted as a systematic campaign. The referee’s decisions were counter-productive.”

He added, “If the Football Association wants to dedicate the league to a club, let him do that in order to save our money.”

And he stressed, “The Football Association must investigate with Jihad Greisha, the referee of the meeting. Zamalek is being oppressed, as was wronged by the Hand Union and the Basketball Association. Where is justice?”

And he added, “Why does Al-Ahly win the Egypt Handball Cup while the championship is still in the semi-finals? As for Zamalek winning the league, it comes because we need a point from 4 remaining matches.”

“We are men of law, and we will not let Zamalek be left behind,” he stressed. “What is happening is too much.”

He added, “We filed a grievance against the incident of Imam Ashour, so how does the Football Association say that we did not submit a grievance? The Football Association sent us a letter preventing Imam Ashour from playing until the appeal is considered, so would he have sent this letter if we did not file the grievance? There is collusion.”

And he continued, “Stopping sports activity? Everything is possible and on the table, and we will issue decisions after a thorough study, as the Zamalek board of directors is in continuous session.”

He continued, “Talking about the dismissal of Tariq Hamid against Pyramids? There are influential and ineffective mistakes. The penalty kick is effective and its registration rate exceeds 90%.”

He concluded, “Carteron continues with Zamalek because we are not held accountable by piece despite the dissatisfaction with the performance.”

Hisham Ibrahim had told, and said: “Zamalek’s board of directors is in permanent session, and there are decisions that we will take in defense of the club’s rights.”

He added, “The issue is not only related to the Pyramids match, nor the decisions of the Football Association today, but also to respond to what the club is exposed to in the hand and the basket.”

He concluded: “The situation is beyond the limits of endurance and patience. We will not be silent about what is happening.”


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