FilGoal | News | Hossam Hassan: We want international rulers … Al-Ittihad is no less than Al-Ahly and Zamalek


Hossam Hassan, Technical Director of the Alexandria Federation, called for the assignment of international referees for his team’s matches.

Al-Ittihad abandoned their lead, tied 2-2 against Smouha In an exciting Alexandrian derby.

Hossam Hassan said after the match: “Today, the same thing happened in the match that we bid farewell to the cup for, a corner kick through which our net was shaken, and it was originally against us.”

He added: “I call for the appointment of international referees for Al-Ittihad matches, which are no less than Al-Ahly and Zamalek, with full respect, but our matches cannot be assigned to unknown referees that we do not know.”

And he continued during the press conference: “Judging errors are frequent before us, so let them consider us competitors for the league, the difference in points between us and the lead is not great.”

He revealed: “Cisse played while he was not ready and I thank him for that. We pressured him a lot because we needed him, and if he implemented the required treatment program, he would stay away from us for a long time, and we cannot lose it.”

He concluded: “Our defensive mistakes are frequent, and I have alerted the team in the lectures on the long balls that Smouha plays to exploit his speeds. This is their basic plan.”

After Al-Ittihad advanced with two goals, Smouha managed to return and draw to raise his score to point 28 in sixth place in the league table.

One point behind Al-Ittihad, who is fifth with 29 points.

Al Ittihad double was scored by Razak Cisse and Emmanuel Okoy, while Mahmoud Al Badri and Ahmed Nabil “Manga”, the Al Ittihad player, scored by mistake in his own goal.


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