FilGoal | News | Imad Suleiman in the Joule: Ismaily’s victory over production has many benefits


Imad Suleiman, the supervisor of the football team at the Ismaili Club, enumerated the benefits of the victory of the Dervishes over military production.

Ismaili won over El Entag El Harby in the 19th round of the Egyptian League.

Imad Suleiman said “The victory over production as a result of the efforts of the technical staff and the players, and most importantly, it kept us out of the relegation positions for the first time in the season.”

“It is also the second successive victory for our first time this season, which increases the confidence of the players,” he added.

“The team is in better shape now, but the journey is still long, and the most important thing is that we need to continue making efforts.”

And he continued, “The next victory will push the team to a better place. It is true that it does not fit the Ismaili name, but we are in an exceptional situation during the current season and we have no choice but to continue the course to correct the situation of the dervishes.”

He concluded his remarks, “The administration decided to spend a proficiency bonus for the players, in addition to the bonus specified in the list, in appreciation of the effort made and in the interest of the team’s continued effort.”


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