FilGoal | News | Ismaily: The Football Association did not inform us of any points deduction


Ismaily club spokesman Alaa Waheed confirmed that the Football Association had not notified his club that 3 points had been deducted from its tally.

Alaa Wahid said on the club’s website: “The Disciplinary Committee confirmed the acceptance of the Ismaili appeal in terms of form and rejected it on the merits because there was no decision to deduct points.”

He added, “The issue of deduction of points is linked to a solution to the crisis between Ismaily and the Stars Club.”

He concluded his remarks, “I send a message to the Ismaili fans not to be concerned that the crisis is on its way to being resolved, and there will be formal solutions between us and the Nujoom Club and an agreement to settle all matters.”

The Appeals Committee of the Egyptian Football Association decided to support the decision of deducting 3 points from the Ismaili in the event that the ruling of the Sports Court in favor of Al-Nujoom Club was not implemented within 30 days from the date of February 23, 2021, and the Ismaili grievance was accepted in form and rejected as a matter.

Adel Al-Shorbaji, head of the appeal committee said “We have an external court decision to deduct 3 points from their balance in the event that the fine is not paid to the Nujoom Club, and the only solution is that there is a settlement between the two parties for not deducting points from the Ismaili balance.” (See details)


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