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Real Madrid will visit Granada at the Nuevo Los Carmenes stadium in round 36 of the Spanish League. It provides a moment-to-moment coverage of the match that you can watch from Here


end of the match

Q. +93 Courtois shines and confronts Suarez alone

BC 86: Supernatural rescue by Courtois in front of Domingues Kenas shot

BC 77 The exit of Benzema and the entry of Mariano Diaz

BC 76 Gooooooooooooool Real Madrid adds the third by Benzema after a fatal mistake by goalkeeper Roy Silva in coming out of his own goal

BC 75 Gooooooooooooooool Real Madrid score the third by Odriozola after Hazard’s cross

BC 71 Gooooooooool Molina scores the first goal in a follow-up to Luis Suarez’s shot, which was blocked by Courtois

BC 68 Domingos Kena and Religions of Marin replacing Puertas and Jan Etiki

BC 67 Luis Suarez wastes a goal in front of Real Madrid’s empty goal after Soros cross

BC 61: The entry of Hazard, Asensio, and Isco in place of Rodrigo, Valverde, and Vinicius

BC. 58 A wonderful pass from Modric towards Vinicius in the empty space, but the Brazilian hits the body of goalkeeper Roy Silva

BC 54 entry of Luis Suarez and Alberto Soro in place of Darwin Macchis and Fide Pico

BC 46 Quick Threat after 20 seconds! A wonderful pass from Benzema towards Valverde, who fired a powerful shell that passed over the bar

beginning of the second half

Alvaro Odriozola entered the place of Marvin Park

The end of the first half

Q. + 46 Goooooooooowool Rodrigo scores the second goal after a great start

45 BC Vinicius wastes a new opportunity after preferring to shoot instead of passing to Benzema, but his ball reaches Benzema weak

BC 33 A quick counterattack led by Valverde and passes to Benzema, who shoots awkwardly outside the goal

BC 27 Marvin wastes a dangerous opportunity after escaping in the back of the defense

Q. 17 Gooooooooool Modric scores the first for Real Madrid after a wonderful pass from Miguel Gutierrez

BC. 14 wonderful teamwork from Real Madrid! Benzema passes to Rodrigo, and the latter sends a beautiful cross that is met by the French with a strong header that is blocked by Roy Silva

BC9, a left shot by Rodrigo passes over the bar without danger

The start of the game

9:30 pm: Match starts in half an hour


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