FilGoal | News | Khaled Eid laughed after his victory over Zamalek and Al-Ahly: I will retire now


Khaled Eid, coach of Ghazl El Mahalla, expressed his happiness by defeating his guest Al-Ahly with a goal on Monday in the 19th round of the Egyptian Premier League.

Eid said on Youth and Sports Radio: “We play a big team like Al-Ahly, so we studied it well over the course of a week and succeeded in nullifying the game keys, and we scored three precious points.”

“We put pressure on all teams in all matches,” he addedWe are a physically strong team without a load chartRather, we work by ourselves and take advantage of breaks, so the team is standing on its feet. “

And he added, “(Al-Ahly coach Pitso) Musimani pushed four forwards in the final minutes, and we could have taken advantage of the rebounds.”

And he continued laughing, “the victory over Al-Ahly and Zamalek and the draw with Pyramids?” Do not retire and get rid of this. “

He concluded, “We strive and do what we have, and my bet is on this group of players since the beginning of the season, and I promised them to play in the excellent and they were men and trustworthy, so I thank them very much.”

In another interview with Ontime Sports, Eid said: “The players have 100% fulfilled my instructions. I thank them again and again. We prepared for the week-long meeting with a focus on set pieces. Mahalla is coming back strongly.”

Al Mahalla raised its score to 27 points and ranks eighth in the championship standings, while Al-Ahly, the runner-up, stopped at 37 points.


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