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Zamalek, the Egyptian representative, opens his first match in the African Men’s Basketball Club Championship, which is being held for the first time under the auspices of the NBA.

Zamalek is in Group C next to the Mozambican Ferroviaro Clubs, the Algerian Petroleum Complex and the Senegalese Dawn.

Dawn, the Senegalese, had opened the group matches by beating the Petroleum Complex, with a score of 94-76.


31-31 Parity and Remaining 2:18

18-29 Ferroviaro widens the gap with 5 minutes remaining

23-18 for Ferroviaro and outperformed the Mozambican team so far in the second quarter

Second Quarter

End of the first quarter

16-13 Zamalek scored a brace at the end of the first quarter

10-9 for Zamalek and Ferroviaro, reducing the difference

7-10 for Zamalek, 4:17 remains, and Anas Osama scored 6 points for the Whites

First Quarter


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