FilGoal | News | Lukaku: Benzema is the best striker in the world … and that’s what I was missing


Romelu Lukaku chose Italian-French Inter striker Karim Benzema as the best striker in the world.

Lukaku spoke on the Belgian channel RTBF after crowning Inter with the Italian League title, saying: “I hope that my teammates in the Belgium national team can achieve the titles: Thibaut Courtois, Eden, Thorjan Hazard, Axel Vetsel and Kevin De Bruyne.”

“Winning trophies gives you experience, allows you to understand aspects of the game, and gives you a killer mentality, which was what you were missing.”

He continued, “Then I said to myself, it is enough that it is time for change.”

He continued, “At this moment, I am happy that we are the champions, but I am currently focusing on the Euro 2020 tournament.”

He concluded, “Who is the best striker in the world? Without a doubt, Karim Benzema.”

Lukaku scored 21 goals in the Italian league this season and is the top scorer in the competition behind Cristiano Ronaldo.

The 27-year-old Belgian has scored 61 goals and scored 15 goals in 92 games in all competitions since joining Inter.


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