FilGoal | News | Lukaku: The best season in my career


Inter striker Romelu Lukaku admitted that this season is the best of his career after winning the Italian League title.

Inter won the Italian league title for the 19th time in its history and for the first time in 11 years.

“I am really proud to be playing for Inter,” Lukaku told Sky Sport Italia.

“It was a great year for us, I was hoping to go out to celebrate with the fans,” he added.

“I told my friend that this is the best way to experience it, to be there with the crowd,” he said.

“Last season was good, but yes, this is the best of my career,” Lukaku stressed.

“It’s great to keep going like this. I want to thank everyone. I’m really happy here.”

“For me and many of my team mates this is our first league title, so it is a moment we wanted to share with the fans,” he concluded.

Lukaku is second in the scorers’ ranking, with 21 goals, 6 ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo.


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