FilGoal | News | Mahdi Suleiman: I apologized to Pyramids management … and this is my stance on my honor


Pyramids goalkeeper Mahdi Suleiman announced that he apologized to managing his team for what happened in the past period, noting that he explained his point of view to Mamdouh Eid, the club’s executive director.

Al-Mahdi Suleiman attacked the Pyramids management because of his refusal to participate in matches. (See the details)

“I held a session with Mamdouh Eid, and I apologized to him for the misunderstanding that occurred in the last period,” Mahdi Suleiman said on the Echo of the Country channel.

He stressed, “Apologies for the shame of adults.”

He revealed, “This is the first session between me and Mamdouh Eid since the beginning of the disagreements, and I am the one who decided to speak and nothing was asked of me.”

And he continued, “I have been playing for Pyramids for 3 seasons and there were no disputes and I was presenting an amazing level.”

And he added, “Some of what happened in the past period was misunderstood because it happened at an inappropriate time, but I apologized to the management for the misunderstanding.”

“I would like to end the dispute,” he stressed.

He continued, “Nothing bad happened between me and Mamdouh Eid before, so I spoke to him and explained to him my point of view.”

And he continued, “I respect all the guards of Pyramids: Sherif Ikrami, Ahmed El-Shennawi and Abdel-Rahman Ayman. Our relationship is very good and it may happen that we understand some things wrongly, but this can happen in football.”

He concluded, “Our goal as goalkeepers is that whoever participates in the main performs his best because his level will benefit the team.”

Al-Mahdi attacked the management and said that “If Manuel Neuer had come to Pyramids, he would not have participated mainly this season.” (See the details)

Al-Mahdi Suleiman had announced that he had filed a complaint against Pyramids for preventing him from participating in the training. (See the details)

Mahdi Suleiman did not participate in only one match this season, after he was a mainstay last season, as Sherif Ikrami mainly guards the Pyramids goal this season.


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