FilGoal | News | Marwan Mohsen: I apologize to Mohamed Sharif for what my father said .. Please do not communicate with anyone from my family


Al-Ahly striker Marwan Mohsen apologized to his colleague Mohamed Sharif, after his father’s recent statements.

Marwan Mohsen tweeted on his Twitter account:

I had no idea what my dad said and I was surprised by it today! Mohamed Sharif is one of the best attackers in Egypt now, and my testimony in him is wounded. I apologize to him and I apologize to all of my colleagues for any word that comes from my father. “

He added in another tweet:

I ask the media and journalists not to use this to their advantage .. Anyone who has a problem with me communicates with me through the club. Please do not try to communicate with anyone from my family again .. Thank you. “

Marwan Mohsen’s father had asked what Mohamed Sharif had offered in front of El Gouna, in the midst of defending his son.

It is not the first time that Marwan Mohsen’s father appears in the media to defend his son against criticism.

The former Egyptian international striker participated in only 13 matches this season, during which he scored one goal and scored two goals.


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