FilGoal | News | Mohamed Moselhy: The league will continue to the end .. We spoke with Al-Ahly about Ammar Hamdy


Ammar Hamdi and Alio Diang – Al Ittihad of Alexandria and Al Ahly

Mohamed Moselhi, president of Al-Ittihad Club of Alexandria, stressed the completion of the league competition until the end of this season.

Moselhi believes that what the league is suffering from this season is due to the aftermath of last season.

Moselhi said on Ontime Sports 2: “What we are going through during the current period of the pressure of matches is a consequence of the last season, and I think that we will suffer from it next season as well.”

He stressed, “The league will be completed until its end. This is certain. I think it will end in the third or fourth week of September.”

Regarding the possibility of playing at the time of the Tokyo Olympics, he explained, “Al-Ahly and Zamalek have alternatives for those who participate in the Olympics.”

“But Al-Ittihad of Alexandria has Mohamed Sobhi and Ammar Hamdy among the main players in the Olympic team and our team, so it is difficult to play matches during that period.

Regarding the preparation for the next season, Moselhi revealed, “There was no dialogue about the next season, but I see that it will also be affected by the delay in the end of the current season.”

Speaking about the renewal of Ammar Hamdi, Moselhi said: “A dialogue occurred between us and Al-Ahly regarding the player, and they informed us of their desire to return from next season.”

He continued, “There are three months until the end of the season, this may be changed, and we certainly hope that it will continue, even if on loan for a new season.”

Moselhi concluded his statements, “There is an offer to include other players from Al-Ahly after the end of the season, but no names were mentioned during the current period.”


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