FilGoal | News | Mosimane conference: This is what makes me optimistic before confronting Sundowns … and Al-Ahly has experiences of those confrontations.


Al-Ahly coach Pitso Musimani believes that his team’s performance in the Club World Cup, and in front of Zamalek in 3 confrontations with him, gives him confidence and optimism before facing the Sundowns in the first leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals.

Musimani said at the match’s press conference, “We are facing a strong team that has many distinct elements, but I believe in the capabilities of Al-Ahly players, after we performed strong in the Club World Cup against Bayern Munich and Palmeiras, and against Zamalek in our previous confrontations. This makes me optimistic.”

“We always play with spirit and determination, and therefore we are confident in making a strong show. The players have experience in such confrontations,” he explained.

“Sundowns has opportunities to compete in this tournament and in the league over there in South Africa. I know the capabilities of his players, and we are ready and our goal is to achieve a good result before traveling to the rematch.”

He concluded, “Football has many variables. Qualifying as a leader of the group or as a runner-up does not give indications of what will happen next.”

Al-Ahly will host its rival Sundowns at Al-Ahly WE Al-Salam stadium on Saturday in the first leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals.

The two teams meet for the third time in a row in the quarter-finals, Sundowns in 2019 passed 5-1 by winning the aggregate of the two matches, and Al-Ahly last year passed 3-1 in aggregate.


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