FilGoal | News | Mujahid: I told the summit referees 3 things before the meeting … and we will advance the end date for the tournament


Ahmed Mujahid, head of the tripartite committee for managing the Football Association, revealed 3 things that he said to the referees team of the summit match between Al-Ahly and Zamalek before the match.

Al-Ahly tied with Zamalek with a goal for each team, in the matches of the 21st round of the Egyptian League.

Mujahid said in statements to Sada Al-Balad TV: “I am very happy with the level of Egyptian arbitration during two consecutive summits within a period of about 20 days.”

He added, “Throughout my life, I trust in arbitration, but what is new is the Egyptian street’s confidence in them as well.”

“Amin Omar, the referee of today’s meeting, is a candidate to be in the 2022 World Cup, and Mahmoud Ashour, the video referee, will be present at the Tokyo Olympics,” he said.

The head of the tripartite committee continued, “I met with the referees’ team before the match. I told them three things. It is a match like any match and you do not look because it is between Al-Ahly and Zamalek. Judge at your level and calculate what you see. Make a mistake as you want and I will bear the results.”

Regarding Musimani’s statements during the press conference about relieving the Southern African Union to Sun Downs, Mujahid said, “I did not see the statements, but I will praise them. Is Musimani his nationality?”

Journalist Hani Hathout responded “South African”. Mujahid asked: And Bishid, what kind of union? Hathout replied: Bechid for the union that winds its rival. Mujahid asked again: What is it? Hathout reply: Sundowns of South Africa. Mujahid asked: Who was the coach? Hathout reply: Sun Downs. But he is the coach of Al-Ahly, so he is sure of his interest, Al-Ahly. Mujahid: I don’t know, but he was mixed with his nationality.

“Al-Ahly’s matches with Tigris Valley and Ceramica Cleopatra have been officially postponed, and their new dates have not been set yet.”

And about bringing forward the end of the round after the postponement of the African World Cup qualifiers, Mujahid said, “We are between two things. First, it will be the last stop before the Tokyo Olympics, and Shawky Gharib will ask to summon his players, but we may ask him to delay their accession to play some matches.”

“And some clubs also have international players in other teams who may be called up. In any case, we will benefit from this postponement to advance the end of the league to August 30th instead of September 30th,” he said.

The draw raised Zamalek’s balance to 45 points at the top of the standings from 21 games, while Al-Ahly’s balance rose to 41 points from 19 games.


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