FilGoal | News | Naguib’s header is Al-Faisal … Al-Ahly and Al-Gouna are tied


The header of Mohamed Naguib, the captain of El Gouna, in the net of his former team, caused Al-Ahly to suspend the league race again.

Al-Ahly tied with its rival El-Gouna today, Friday, with a goal to the same in Al-Ahly WE Al-Salam stadium in a postponed match from the 16th round of the Egyptian League.

Taher Mohamed Taher opened the match goals with a powerful shot in the 57th minute.

Mohamed Naguib equalized for El Gouna with a header in the 86th minute.

With that result, Al-Ahly’s score reached 37 points, ranking second in the league table, three points behind leaders Zamalek, and the Red Team has two matches less than its rival.

As for El Gouna, his score reached 25 points, ranking ninth after he played all 19 of his matches.

Summary of the meeting

The first half was quiet in most of its events, as there were not many dangerous opportunities on any goal.

The match began with a shot by Mohamed Sharif, which turned Mohamed Naguib into a corner kick after the Al-Ahly striker preferred to shoot instead of passing to electrocution.

Kahraba fired a shot that was steadily blocked by Islam Tariq.

The most dangerous opportunity in the first half came through Hussein Al-Shahat, after taking advantage of a wonderful long-form from Rami Rabiaa and struck with his right hand, but the ball passed just next to the goal.

El-Gouna made the first switch with the participation of Amr El Saadawi, instead of Joseph Nguyem.

In the 35th minute, the first threat came from El Gouna with a shot from Joseph Nguyem, but it went off the field.

Al-Ahly made an emergency substitution in the 38th minute due to the injury of Saad Samir, and Yasser Ibrahim participated in his place.

Between the two halves of the match, Al-Ahly made two substitutions with the participation of Taher Muhammad Taher and Muhammad Majdi “Afsha” instead of Mahmoud Abdel Moneim “Kahraba” and Nasser Maher.

El-Gouna also made two changes with the participation of Amr Abdel-Fattah “Amouri” and Karim El-Tayeb, instead of Mohamed El-Habib Yakan and Idris Mbombo.

The match remained calm until Taher received the ball in the middle of the field and ran towards the penalty area of ​​El Gouna and fired a powerful shot that hit the ground and deceived Islam Tariq and settled the net to announce the first goal for Al-Ahly.

Al-Ahly almost doubled the score very quickly, but Afshas powerful shot hit the left post of the El Gouna goal.

Al-Ahly kept pressing and Hussein Al-Shahat almost scored, but his fallen shot went off the field.

El-Gouna made a new substitution with the participation of Alain Champadi instead of Mahmoud Al-Shabrawi, and Mohamed Hani participated in Al-Ahly instead of Al-Shahat.

Minutes later, Salah Mohsen participated instead of Mohamed Sharif.

Taher extracted the ball from the El Gouna defender and sent a cross and Salah Mohsen fell before the ball reached him and took advantage of the matter and fired a powerful shot that was blocked by Islam Tariq.

El-Gouna made a substitution with the participation of Ahmed Amer, instead of Mohamed Ragab.

Champadi hit a powerful ball, which passed just next to Al-Ahly’s goal.

El-Gouna got a foul on the right side in the 86th minute and Mohamed Naguib took advantage of him after turning the cross coming from Amr El Saadawi with a perfect header to equalize for El Gouna and score against his former team.

El-Gouna got a foul in front of the Al-Ahly penalty area and was shot by Nour El-Sayed, the ball hit the human wall and Mohamed El-Shenawy blocked the ball.

Al-Ahly pressed in the remaining minutes, but did not pose a threat to El-Gounas goal, so the match ended in a positive one-goal draw.


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